I want to build a second floor addition, what do I need?
You will need a survey, to start with

I want to build a new house, what do I need?
You will need a survey with topographical (with elevations) to establish heights

What’s a survey?
The survey, usually is a single page (B/W or blue) showing lot size, the house on your lot and the property lines.
With this we can foresee immediately if you have issues in regards the zoning by laws, such as setbacks, etc..

I do not have a survey, where do I go?
You can ask your A) neighbors and ask for their copy, or you can ask the B) city records building department or C) visit: www.landsurveyrecords.com
A) Sometimes one survey shows multiple properties, this is the cheapest solution
B) This option may cost you only $65.00
C) This option may vary between $250-$350
If you are out of luck you will need a new survey, You can search on line for Surveyors.

I have a house in Barrie and would like to do some Reno and need drawings for permit, do you serve this area?
Sorry, we serve Toronto only.

My family will be moving into the Port Credit are (Lake shore and Mississauga Rd.) and we would like to have the basement refinished to include a bedroom, laundry room, family/playroom, and home gym.

The existing basement is finished however we would like to redesign it.

We take possession of the house March 9th and would like someone to come as soon as possible to give us a quote on finishing the basement.

We can give you a quote over the phone to start, if interested we can schedule you and start the process.

We get a high volume of calls every day looking for quotes and meetings, we can not certainly go to every one’s house.

You can alternatively come to us, we have a board room and fresh coffee.

We are not 911 call center, however we are already busy like the fire department:)

I would like to make revisions to my permit drawings, is there a charge?

Yes, min $500 if is our drawings, if you need Eng. reports, that is also extra.

We do NOT revise other designer’s drawings!

How long have you been doing this?

In Canada, since 2005 and in Italy since 1994 (Geometra – surveying and concrete structure design)
Worked in the construction field from 15 years old during the summer seasons.

Do you charge for a site consultation?
Yes. Mainly for structural evaluation and zoning by law consultations, especially when I am called for a professional opinion, we do charge min $350 (1 Hour).
We will reimburse that fee in our final fee if we are rewarded with the contract.

What is included in your fees?
Site measurements, structural evaluations, pre-screening of zoning by laws, elaboration of preliminary drawings for review, elaboration of working drawings for permit(s), trips to city hall for submissions, applying for permit(s) and assisting the application in case there is any deficiency notice, delivering of the permits (for Toronto Via e-mail-in PDF-NEW)

How long do you take to Elaborate drawings for review & how long for permit submission?
We usually need about 1 week to put the preliminary drawings together and after your review is confirmed we need about 1 more week to finalize the drawings, finish code review, structural and HVAC (where it applies and part of the fee)
We allow max. 2 free reviews with our proposal, extra may apply on an hourly basis.

Are you a Structural Engineer?
No, but I do have Structural qualification under the Ontario building code covered by my qualifications. i do have a very strong knowledge in structural design and on sites.

Do you work with any Engineers?
Yes, we got 4 Engineers on board as consultants which we call when required and based on the situation of the project.

Are you an Architect?
No, I am a designer qualified, registered, insured and certified under the Ontario building code.
I can design buildings up to 3 sty high and 6,400 sq.ft
Residential, commercial and Industrial. Restaurant up to 30 seats.
If you need something bigger, I can still do the drawings and use my Architect to stamp the drawings.

Do you have a BCIN number qualification?

What other qualifications do you have?
We are Certified under the Ontario Building Code, Insured, Certified as Construction Estimators for Canada and Ontario (gold seal), achieved the OSHA certificate and we are also Licensed general contractors with Metro Toronto Lic. ( We do not do contracting, we know ahead of time what a contractor needs to see on the drawings, facilitate and anticipates any circumstances on site)

What other experience do you have?
We have worked in the construction industry since our youth, drove heavy machinery for excavation and demolitions (Rome, Milano and Toronto)
We have managed projects from $10,000 to 4 millions. We understand construction very well and is a HUGE benefit during our design process.

Any other Questions? Contact us